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Jeskyně mrtvých netopýrůHöhle der toten FledermäuseJaskinia martwych nietoperzy (Jeskyně mrtvých netopýrů)

Cave of Dead Bats

The cave of death bats is located in the Dumbiersky vysokohorsky kras ( the Dumbier highmountain´s karst) in a main ridge of the Low Tatras mountains in central Slovakia. In a relatively slight limestone massiv can be find a lot of underground passages. The biggest underground area is called Bystricky dom. It is in a depth of 180 meters. Volcanic rock contains exquisit agates but the biggest attraction are finds of 6000 years old bat´s skeletons spread out everywhere. Among bat´s skeletons you can see skeletons of small rodents, sheeps and even bears. The excursion is for turists limited so don´t forget to book your visit in advance.


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